Berry Hill Home FAQ

What is a vinyl floor mat?

Our fine vinyl flooring is made with phthalate free, coated polyester woven fabric with antimicrobial treatment. The material is about 1/16th inch thick, which won’t interfere with most doors. Our designs are printed using UV inks on a coated surface that will lay flat. The back has a rough coated surface to prevent slipping.

Is this a traditional rug?

The coating makes our fine vinyl feel like linoleum rather than a traditional woven rug. The result lays flat and is easy to clean.

Can I use my fine vinyl flooring outside?

We recommend using your fine vinyl indoors OR in a controlled outdoor setting, such as covered patio or screened in porch. If your runner or mat gets wet, dry with a towel to prevent mildew and reduce the chance of slipping.

How do I clean my fine vinyl flooring?

This is easy! Just use a wet cloth. If you have a heavy spill, dilute hand soap and use a soft sponge. Be sure to dry off your mat afterward. The timely cleaning of spills will help prevent discoloration. Chemical cleaners may damage your mat and cause discoloration. Do not use brushes that would scratch the surface.

Do I need to use a carpet pad?

No carpet pads are needed under your mats. Your fine vinyl is designed to lay flat. We do not recommend use on carpet or uneven surfaces.

Can I put furniture on my fine vinyl flooring?

Absolutely. Just be careful not to drag heavy furniture across your mats. For tables and chairs, be sure to use felt furniture pads under the legs. Use caution when positioning furniture. While the material is durable, sharp objects may puncture the vinyl.